Brand refreshment for one of the world’s leading home audiovisual companies

Nakamichi is one of the world’s leading home audiovisual brands with a contemporary and sophisticated design aesthetic. Founded in 1948, Nakamichi enjoyed a strong reputation for high-end audio. After undergoing business reorganisation the brand is now licensed out for use by a number of licensees around the world, and is seeking to strengthen its brand image globally.

Nakamichi sought Base Creative’s assistance with a complete brand refreshment, including strategy, positioning, visual identity and marketing communications, in order to give it a contemporary and sophisticated brand personality. The objective was to clearly define the brand so that it resonates across the globe. A particular challenge for Base Creative was to differentiate Nakamichi from the traditional high-end consumer electronics market and other emerging niche markets.

Our brand positioning work aimed at shifting target segments of Nakamichi from high-end to mid-high end. Conducting extensive research on competitors and interviews with key stakeholders combined with our own market insights, we articulated the new brand positioning, “live up your moments”, setting a new direction to target the mid-high market and attract a younger, sophisticated urban crowd.




With the new positioning and brand strategy, we designed a brand book and sales brochure capturing all the key elements of the brand personality and DNA, which the owners and licensees could use to introduce the brand.


Creatively, we have selected a range of colours that best fit the Nakamichi brand and personality.


The rich and sophisticated colour palette reflects intelligence and classic quality within the brand DNA – “contemporary classic”, “high-end”, and “sophisticated”.


For the new identity design, we wanted to live up to Nakamichi’s past, yet give it a contemporary spin.



We were inspired by Nakamichi’s own logo, and as a result the grid system is now a repeated graphic pattern made up of the Nakamichi ‘N’ symbol, creating a stylish motif.


All stakeholders involved have reacted very positively to the brand’s redesign and anticipate the brand regaining its high profile in the consumer electronics market.


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