Brand refreshment for a long-established consumer electronics brand

Akai was founded in 1937 and gained a strong reputation over the years for its audio and video recording products. Following business changes in recent years, it is now a licensed brand applied to a varied array of affordable consumer electronics – both audiovisual equipment and home appliances.

Seeking to rejuvenate and reposition the brand, the licensor asked Base Creative to take a fresh look at the brand and conduct a full brand refreshment exercise, including strategy, positioning, visual identity and marketing communications. The primary challenge was to identify common characteristics across a diverse product range that would form a distinctive brand personality – one that would resonate with target consumers around the world.

In addition to such characteristics as quality and usability, a key element of the brand was identified as passion – defined as the energetic desire to touch Akai’s customers’ lives in a beneficial way by offering them durable products with the best value-to-quality ratio. This characteristic was summed up in the tagline “Passion Made Possible”, which features extensively in the brand’s marketing communications.

Akai meaning “red” in Japanese, the brand’s redesigned logo and other elements of its visual identity are naturally built on a vibrant colour palette in which that colour plays a dominant role. A new set of brand guidelines advises licensees on the correct application of the refreshed visual identity.









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