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1881 Heritage

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1881 Heritage is the former headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine Police. Several buildings and artifacts of historical interest have been preserved and restored as a shopping mall, a heritage hotel, and an exhibition hall. Since its opening in 2009, 1881 Heritage has commissioned Base Creative to provide a comprehensive range of event services – from seasonal decorations to large-scale exhibitions.


As the landmark involves an adaptive reuse of heritage architecture, the key challenge was to respect its heritage while injecting modern elements into the space. At every stage of the design process we rigorously reviewed our work: Were we meeting the client’s needs? Was the experience positive and memorable? Was it integrated strongly with other elements of the business strategy? Did it take into account the impact on the hotel and retail tenants? Did it offer new interpretations of the site? For over 5 years, we have been creating some of the most unique and memorable experiences for 1881 Heritage.

1881 Heritage

Transforming a high-end commercial space into a multisensory and memorable experience.

1881 Heritage
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