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Experiential Marketing

Creating compelling live brand experiences to engage, entertain and educate your customers. As one of Asia’s leading experiential marketing companies, we deliver the authentic and relevant marketing experiences that create a deeper brand appreciation and long-term advocacy.


Experience. Our Difference

Our in-house team has extensive practical experience across the entire range of event management skills, sharpened by years of experience in arranging events of varying sizes.

Our capabilities cover every detail – strategic planning, project management, creative design, selection and booking of a practical venue with the right ambience, site preparation, talent sourcing, media invitations, speech writing, seating plans, procurement and logistics, onsite management, measurement and follow-up. This enables us to provide a truly end-to-end service, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. We have a proven track record of delivering success for some of the region’s largest and most high-profile clients.

Base Creative's Experiential Marketing practice is led by more than 15 in-house experts, supported by our full-service graphic design and digital team. These capabilities allow us to develop innovative and powerful brand experiences that build and strengthen positive consumer perceptions of the brand.

With a strong strategic perspective, world-class creative work informed by a European design aesthetic, and extensive practical experience of planning and managing live experiences of every size, we are well equipped to ensure that your event captures attention and makes the desired impact. And every aspect of each event – from content to timing to the guest list – is planned to complement the overall brand strategy, reach the desired consumers and opinion formers, and help to differentiate the brand within a crowded market and define its unique brand territory.


Many Industries. Major Possibilities

Creating powerful experiences for world-leading clients across a range of industries.

We have applied our experience to arrange compelling events of many types and sizes across a wide range of business sectors and industries, both for leading brands and for new or less familiar names seeking to make a powerful impact in the market. Among the sectors for which we have organized live experiences are banking and finance, watches and jewellery, major fashion brands, and shopping malls. Events we have organised span a highly diverse spectrum – fashion shows, product demonstrations and exhibitions, product launches, opening ceremonies, seasonal festivities, and large-scale weddings.

With a wealth of experience to offer, we are familiar with the differing needs of each sector and able to propose the most appropriate event type and venue to further their marketing objectives. We work closely with the client to ensure that their goals are achieved and everything runs smoothly.


Fashion Show

Grand Openings

Product Launches
Corporate Events


Multidisciplinary. Taken Right to the Edge

Our Experiential Marketing practice is supported by a tech-savvy full-service branding and marketing team, and a highly experienced group of graphic designers.

Designing and delivering a live event requires creative talent, experience and expert planning. Our multidisciplinary team provides the full spectrum of services from strategy and planning through to creative development and onsite event execution. Our comprehensive in-house skills enable us to take care of all these for you under one roof, so you can focus on your business instead of the organisational details.

Base Creative’s work is backed up by strong technical and logistical support. And at every stage of the design and implementation, we rigorously review our work against the brand strategy to ask: Are we meeting the client’s needs? Is this experience creating the desired perception? Is it in line with other elements of the brand strategy?

As a multidisciplinary agency, we can ensure that your live experience is fully integrated with all aspects of your marketing strategy and aligned with your brand DNA to magnify its impact. With the required skills all in-house, you have a single contact point and total peace of mind. And as event timing is critical, we assign different consultants to different components of each project, ensuring no bottlenecks impede its progress.

The Best People. For the Best Performance

Our team has some of the most creative and experienced event management professionals in the industry.

Event management has been a key element of Base Creative’s work from day one, and our team has many years of practical experience in creating compelling live experiences for leading clients. This is complemented in many cases by advanced qualifications in business and marketing, ensuring that our team members never lose sight of the business objectives behind the event.

With excellent connections around the world, we are also well equipped to source the required external talent for each event, from models for fashion shows to MCs to renowned motivational speakers for business events.

Our Glocal Network

A unique east meets west perspective that integrates both left and right sided thinking.

With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and France, we draw on our experience of high profile Branded Environment and Retail Projects in Asia and Europe to provide clients with a comprehensive perspective and recommendations on the challenges they face – wherever the environment to be transformed may be. We serve clients around the world, and having operations in multiple time zones means we can deliver solutions on their time zone.


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