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Branded Environments

Transforming your brand into a multisensory 3D experience that customers can step inside. We provide a range of Branded Environments services with a focus on creating differentiation and a signature customer experience.

Experience. Our Difference

Our team has deep functional expertise in Retail and 3D Environments and can manage the entire process from Retail Strategy though to production and installation.

Base Creative's integrated Branded Environments practice is led by more than 20 in-house Brand and Business Strategy consultants, Retail and 3D designers, and AutoCAD Technicians – and supported by our full service Marketing Communications and Digital Media team. These capabilities allow us to develop appealing and practical designs rooted in our rich understanding of consumer behaviour – and to save our clients time and money.

Our key strength in this field is our international level creative work combined with strategic perspective and detailed consumer insights – which have been gained working with some of the world's leading retail brands like Walmart, Calvin Klein and Harvey Nichols. This has enabled us to considerably sharpen our edge and bring an 'A-Game' to projects. And whether it’s a new brand creation or refreshment of an existing brand, our work is informed by a continuous stream of insights and innovation.


Many Industries. Major Possibilities

Working with world-leading clients across a range of industries.

We work with clients across a range of industries to add value and profitability to their brand by expressing it through a complete environment. We understand that each brand has its own personality and requires a uniquely distinctive approach. Environments created in our past projects include:


Retail Design
Large Scale Exhibitions

Seasonal Decorations
POS & Showcase

Fashion Exhibitions
Booths & Trade Shows


Multidisciplinary. Taken Right to the Edge

Our Branded Environments practice is supported by a full-service brand strategy, marketing and digital media team.

We are particularly experienced in large-scale projects that require many different components. Many of the 3D projects that we undertake are Retail Brand Designs which require full branding and marketing services as well as website design.

As a multidisciplinary agency we are able to provide the Branding Strategy and Advertising and PR services which are essential to the success of new Retail and Seasonal Decoration Projects, but are often outsourced at other agencies, Our multidisciplinary in-house skill sets enable us to plan the customer experience and branding from the beginning, making sure the retail environment reflects the Brand Identity System, appeals to all the senses, and is integrated with other expressions of the brand.

The Best People. For the Best Performance

Our Branded Environments team has some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals in the industry. 

Many of our team members have advanced qualifications in branding and set design, and over 10 years’ experience – working together as a team for an average of 5 years. To provide our clients with additional insights we are supported by a network of specialized external consultants in Structural Engineering issues. 

Our Glocal Network

A unique east meets west perspective that integrates both left and right sided thinking.

With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and France, we draw on our experience of high profile Branded Environment and Retail Projects in Asia and Europe to provide clients with a comprehensive perspective and recommendations on the challenges they face – wherever the environment to be transformed may be. We serve clients around the world, and having operations in multiple time zones means we can deliver solutions on their time zone.


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