Research and Insights

We use a range of research, trends, and insights to understand your customer tribe and identify opportunities for your business’s growth.

Customers tend to buy in "tribes" – groups unified by common characteristics. Our goal is to help you understand what customers are really looking for – what they find authentic and relevant to their needs. Our research and insights services give you an understanding of attitudes, the level of customer awareness, customer behavior and customer satisfaction in the various segments that make up the market. We help your brand to plug into megatrends like wellness, sustainability, and consumer-centricity. Base Creative has some of the most experienced researchers and brand strategists in the industry, let us guide you through the process.

“Base Creative are helping our brand in Asia to move from B2B into a household name - it's complex and multi-phased process that requires an experienced agency to lead the process. They have shown a great understanding of our business and developed a trust with our company"

Rachel Ho, APAC Marketing Manager, Bemis


Working with both B2B and B2C brands - we use a range of research qualitative and quantitative methodologies to understand your customers' needs, inner desires, and lifestyle choices at a B2Me level - going beyond specific demographics such as geography, culture, and language.

Market Analysis

Identifying and evaluating customers' preferences and consumption levels for your particular products or services.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying where your brand stands against your key competitors and uncovering areas for developing a competitive edge.

Trend Analysis

Correctly identified a trend can drive your brand forward faster, like surfing a wave.

Perceptual Mapping

Using qualitative insights to map out brand positions that have the most credibility and potential for your brand.

Unlocking opportunities for your brand’s growth through insight led brand strategy and analytical synthesis

Challenges we help you solve

You want to understand which customer groups are going to generate the most sales.

What compels your consumers to choose between different brands.

What trends can your brand harness to drive growth.

Which value proposition is going to resonate the strongest across all your touchpoints.

“Our business is very technical - we need an agency that can understand it"

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