Packaging Design

Creating sustainable, market-tested packaging that reflects the brand value proposition, and jumps out on the shelf.

The shelf is one of the most competitive marketing environment there is – nowhere more so than in Hong Kong. Your consumer's first physical experience of your product is often with the packaging – it is the "on-shelf salesman" that explains the emotional and rational product benefits in a way that generates a purchase. We are experts in sustainability and wellness branding – and can help you reduce your environmental impact.

Base Creative is multidisciplinary, and we design for all touchpoints – packaging, point of sale, and website ensuring that your consumer encounters the same consistent value proposition and look and feel everywhere they meet your brand. Online qualitative testing is a large part of our work – testing various packaging designs to ensure that the design creates the results you are looking for. How can we help you? Let us guide you through the process.

“Base Creative undertook our whole brand development and marketing - creating several options of sustainable packaging and market testing each online to find which was going to be the most effective both in Hong Kong and all our target territories. Our brand is running very successfully.”

Harmelie Lee, Founder, Harmelie Honey


We design sustainable packaging that appeals to your customer tribe through detailed shopper psychology insights. Every detail from the structural design to the colour scheme to the placement and size of brand symbolism and other identifiers is carefully considered to ensure maximum sales conversion. Base Creative has Hong Kong and international design expertise and experience give you a competitive advantage.

Packaging Design System

Creating an effective packaging design system for your product range - that communicates the value proposition and positioning through engaging design.

Structural Design

Developing the packaging structure - from the die-cut and materials specifications to the drop testing and shipping requirements.

Product Styling

Creating the primary product packaging or the exterior styling of the product itself.

Point of Sale

Using creativity and shopper psychology to influence purchasing decisions in store with highly functional POS systems.

Developing sustainable packaging solutions that help your brand to reduce environmental impact.

Challenges we help you solve

You haven’t refreshed your packaging for a long time - it looks tired and dated.

You are trying to reach millennials and younger audience groups.

Your products have evolved, and your packaging is no longer relevant.

Your brand needs a more sustainable image to meet your customers changing needs.

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