Marketing and Activation

Generating results greater than the sum of their parts through integrated campaigns, ideation, and analytics.

We generate growth by uncovering insights, developing big ideas – and delivering your message to your consumer tribe at a B2Me level. Our approach helps you get there faster by expressing your brand consistently through multi-channel brand activation programmes – integrating digital, social, print, and experiential media to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Across many industries consumer expectations are, and consumer satisfaction is decreasing. Consumers are expecting brands to personalise content for them. Using a variety of insight tools we help you to understand your customers more individually - and to deliver more personalised content for better results.

“We have worked with Base Creative for several years on a range of important branding projects, we would be pleased to recommend them”

Bart Dekker, Group Managing Director, OCRA Worldwide


By combining digital, social, print, and experiential marketing strategies, we strive to generate results greater than the sum of their parts. What can we do for you? Let us guide you through the process.

Brand Activation

Activating your brand globally across a range of online and offline touchpoints.

Digital Marketing

Insight-driven online marketing solutions to convert, optimize and attract with your customer groups with highly personsalised content.


As part of multi-channel activation campaigns, we cover a full range of channels - from video and outdoor to social media and events.

Testing and Analytics

With a high technical aptitude and analytical mindset, we connect the dots to build three-dimensional models of what influences customers.

Your brand story is only as good as the way you tell it at each marketing channel - that’s why we integrate both brand strategy and marketing activation for a smarter, more effective process with better results.

Challenges we help you solve

You want to create a regional multi-channel marketing campaign.

You want to increase the ROI on your campaigns.

You want to launch your brand globally.

You want to localise your marketing for a new market.

“We need a single agency that can undertake every part of our marketing.”

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