Digital Strategy and Deployment

Generating results greater than the sum of their parts online through integrated digital campaigns, ideation and analytics.

We generate growth by uncovering insights, developing big ideas – and delivering your message to your consumer tribe at a B2Me level online. Our approach helps you get there faster by expressing your brand consistently through multi-channel digital activation programmes – integrating social media, owned-media, influencer marketing and paid promotions together to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Across many industries, consumer expectations are, and consumer satisfaction is decreasing. Consumers are expecting brands to personalise content for them - through email, social and product recommendations. Using a variety of insight tools we help you to understand your customers more individually – and to deliver more personalised content for better results.

“Base Creative undertook the brand strategy and marketing refreshment for Hodel, a large scale and important project driving the next phase of our growth. The results so far are very positive.”

Rene Hodel, CEO, Hodel


With a broad range of digital skillsets in-house, we can help you improve the conversation rate of all your digital channels. Get in touch - let us guide you through the process.

Digital Strategy

Creating an integrated content and promotion strategy to increase conversation across all your online touchpoints.

Social Media Strategy

Providing cross-discipline social media services that combine listening and analytics, social marketing and promotion.

Ecommerce Design

Helping you grow sales online with end-to-end e-commerce design, development, and marketing.

UI and UX Design

Optimising your customer journey and sales conversation through A-B tested user journeys and interface designs.

Using analytics to understand where you can increase followers, leads, and sales.

Challenges we help you solve

Your digital strategy is unclear or outdated. A lot of catching up is needed.

Your e-commerce brand has a low conversion rate.

Your brand content is different on all platforms - there isn’t a consistent message.

Your website and social media need an overhaul.

“We are spending a lot on marketing but not getting the results.”

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