Branded Environments

Projecting your brand in three dimensions across the entire retail environment to engage and delight customers.

Customers are seeking authentic and relevant experiences, whether at a trade show, promotional event or public exhibition. The most inspiring way to encounter a brand is to experience it through all the senses. Consumers who experience a brand in this way are more likely to shift from passive to proactive support of the brand. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach and alignment of your brand strategy, digital, social offline channels.

We create high-profile exhibitions for some of the world s most prestigious brands - both retail and B2B, and we do it sustainably to help your brand reduce its environmental impact. Let us guide you through the process - we know what it takes to deliver excellence.

“Base Creative has been a key strategy and design partner on over ten projects with Li & Fung. They are experienced and can deliver”

Linda Tam, Brand Manager, LF Asia, Li & Fung

Branded Environment Services

With 15 years of experience creating some of Asia’s most high-profile branded environments we have the expertise and creativity to give your brand a competitive edge.

3D Brand Experiences

Integrated branded environment design and production that creates long-term brand advocacy.

Retail Design

Using shopper psychology and creative design to create retail designs that drive sales.


Working with leading brands to design and produce trade shows and brand exhibitions.

Public Spaces

Creating seasonal experiential spaces to inspire and delight potential customers.

World-class branded environments design and production supported by a fully integrated branding, digital and social media team.

Challenges we help you solve

You want to create more targeted brand experiences that drive sales.

Your brand environments don't engage your customers in a deep enough way.

Your brand environment doesn't match the brand DNA.

Your current brand environments look tired and dated.

“We want to design and build a more sustainability-focused way.”

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