Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy services are focused on your growth. Helping your brand connect with your consumer tribe and increase sales through integrated brand strategy services.

Customers tend to buy in tribes, and they don't just buy your product or service – they buy the experience your brand provides. We then formulate an agile brand and business strategy to define your value proposition – helping your brand to stand for something that your customer tribe really cares about like – wellness, sustainability, and B2Me personalization.

We understand that you need to move fast - we create immersive brand workshops with our clients to model out several brand positioning ideas and their implications in real time – shortening the strategy process. Testing and insights are a large part of our process – validating that the proposition is strongly resonating before you go live with it.

Base Creative has some of the most experienced brand strategists in the industry, let us guide you through the process.

“Base Creative understood us and our vision so well that they got it right the first time – carefully testing all the key benefits to ensure that they resonated with our target customer base. They created our E-commerce site and managed all of the digital promotion. Great branch launch – really thankful.”

Harmelie Lee, Founder, Harmelie Honey


We help B2B and B2C companies uncover new opportunities to drive growth, clarify their brand value proposition, and connect with consumer tribes. We develop and test agile branding strategies to ensure that it creates targeted results.

Brand Value Proposition

Helping your brand to stand for values that your customers find relevant and really care about.

Brand Positioning

Defining your brand’s unique positioning in the market to differentiate it from the competition and the clutter.

Brand Architecture

Designing and mapping the synergistic relationship between the parent brand and sub-brands.

Brand Story Development

Creating compelling, customer focused brand stories that explain your brand’s value and positioning in a persuasive way.

Brand strategy geared to the market conditions and megatrends of 2019. Driving growth by meeting your customers needs better than your competitors do

Challenges we help you solve

Your brand’s value proposition is not being clearly communicated.

“Our products and services have evolved, and our brand message is no longer relevant.”

Your competitors are increasing and gaining market share.

“We need to become more consumer-centric and move our brand from B2B to B2C.”

Your brand needs a sustainability message.

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