Naming and Writing

Accelerating your brand through timeless, differentiated naming and brand writing solutions.

The language used in brand communications – from the naming to the positioning statement sets the tone of voice for the brand. Words and design are some of the main tools for developing the personality and emotion of a brand. We use style, tone, and manner, using keywords and phrases that summarize the different qualities of the brand.

Having created brand names and written for hundreds of niche industries – many requiring a high technical aptitude, our strategy team has the vocabulary and stylistic skills to help you reach your audience at a world-class level. Let us guide you through the process.

“Base Creative developed the research, strategy, brand identity and marketing for Wal-Mart's shopping mall brand in China - The Mall. The project was very successful and achieved our objectives We were very happy with the process and the results and continue to work with Base Creative”

Tracy Liu, CMD, Senior Director of Marketing, Wal-Mart


Brand names and branded content needs to be highly relevant and to go beyond currently in-trend buzzwords. They need to be easy to say and remember. Selecting a good name requires exceptional language skills - especially for international brands, where the name needs to be acceptable across many cultures. Base Creative’s multinational team members have the linguistic skills to meet this challenge in a range of languages for both B2B and B2C brands.

Naming and Nomenclature

The linguistic skills to create distinctive names across a range of languages.

Brand Language Guides

Using language to help define the personality, tone, and manner of your brand.

Communications Writing

Creating a compelling customer focused brand story that explains your brand’s value and positioning in a compelling way.


Translating the creative intent of the original content for a new language group.

Using compelling language to personalise your brand story to each customer group - speaking to both hearts and minds.

Challenges we help you solve

You are launching a new brand and need a name that resonates with your customer group.

“We are entering a new market and need to localise our brand message.”

Your company is undergoing a merger or consolidation.

Your naming and writing are confusing to your customers.

“Our business is very technical - we need an agency that can understand it.”

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