BLD World - Designing a new way for architects to source building materials

For architects, selecting the right building materials for each project is critical, time-consuming, and a decision that profoundly impacts a building’s experience. Taking into account the significance of overall building aesthetics and the technical, functional, and cost considerations of materials - selecting building materials is a task for senior architects.
Typically an architecture studio will have a library of material swatch books with thousands of samples to choose from. Each book has a unique profile with a specific set of attributes such as strength, weight, colour, finish, texture, supply availability, shopping time, country of origin – the specifications are endless, and new products come on to the market almost daily.
BLD World is a new and more efficient method for the building material search and selection process. Combining market insights and trends with technology, their services simultaneously recommend flooring, walling, and ceiling that achieves the desired aesthetic at the target cost. From hotels and residential buildings to shopping malls and commercial centres, the BLD World algorithm suggests the most suitable colour combinations for each building type and each budget. Based on thousands of projects and similar applications, BLD's building material portfolio is highly curated by real-world experience.
Through a series of insight workshops and working closely with BLD World founders, veterans of the global property industry, Base Creative recommended a complete business model, search system, and value proposition for the company. Focusing beyond the building materials to create lifestyle experiences, the brand is positioned as the bridge between an architect’s vision and a building’s reality through the choice of building materials.
The BLD World name holds significance as a streamlined, more agile spelling of the word that encapsulates the whole purpose of the brand – build. The letters “BLD” also align with the brand promise of “Building Lifestyle Dreams.”
The custom-designed, bold, and geometric typography of the brand identity reflects a global understanding, the stability of buildings, and the impact architects and buildings can have when goals are achieved. It also highlights BLD World’s role as a partner invested in client success.
The “superframe” design elements within the BLD World brand identity subtly communicates the core applications: walling, flooring, and ceiling. Nodding to the strong technical prowess of the company and the strength of bold design, a green accent colour highlights the brand identity. Find out more at

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